Your image – our passion

The Pawo brand has been synonymous with good style and elegance for many years. We create the image of a modern man with passion. We would like to inspire and encourage you to work on creating a better version of yourself. Our mission is to choose a fashionable outfit according to current trends, which at the same time will be perfectly matched the character of a man, his lifestyle and the nature of work. We help change the style, thanks to which we contribute to increasing your self confidence.

The company, as the only one on the market meets the enquirements of customers and offers individual meetings with Professional Image Advisors.

Our qualified Advisors focus on matching clothing colors to your complexion and hair color, as well as for your body style. At meetings, we present a range of new possibilities of cuts and styles, which are carefully selected, especially for a specific customer. We strive to shape the image, fashion awareness and sense of style of Polish men, regardless of their profession or preferences. To take advantage of this unique opportunity and find your own style, we especially encourage people planning their weddings. In addition to choosing the perfect suit, we will complete unique accessories and provide some tips on the principles of savoir vivre and ceremonial etiquette.

In addition, each year we prepare a special offer for high school graduates. For many of them it is the first refined Prom. They do not know their style yet or preferences when it comes to choosing elegant outfit. We will help them determine their size, choose the perfect suit in line with current trends and, above of all, we will provide an attractive look of young men.

Remember that the image is our business card, which defines our status in the eyes of the environment!

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