The PAWO brand has been creating the image of an elegant man for over a quarter century. As an experienced clothing manufacturer, our company uses proven business solutions which provides our franchisees possibility to run a salon under the PAWO brand.

We are one of the few franchisors who have an offer for both fully engaged partners and those more interested only in investment activities. In the latter case, we supervise the franchisee’s business ourselves

We do not compete with our franchisees for the best locations. Investors can run their stores in the best shopping malls in Poland. We are open to location suggestions, but we also help find a place located in those most attractive ones.

PAWO brand uses proven solutions, including entrusted goods. Thanks to this, our franchisees do not have to engage funds in stocks, and the ends of the collection are handed over to the headquarters to introduce new designs, cuts and collections of men’s clothing on an ongoing basis.

Katarzyna Bara

Sales Director

tel. +48724541005


  • Income business

  • Access to the best locations in Poland

  • Marketing and PR support

  • Ready interior design project

  • An innovative approach to sales and customer service

  • End of collection managing

  • Help at every stage of cooperation

  • No logistics costs

  • An effective training system and motivational workshops

  • Substantive support throughout the contract period

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